iBamboo Speaker 

Is the iBamboo Speaker compatible with the new iPhone 5?
Yes. Since iPhone 5 has the same width as the previous version, the  iPhone 5 would be compatible with the current model of iBamboo.

Does iBamboo Speaker recharge my iPhone?
No. The iBamboo functions only as an electricity-free amplifier.

Does iBamboo Speaker make stereo sound?
No. The iPhone only has one speaker and the sound produced by the iBamboo creates a “pseudo-stereo effect” by distributing the sound to right side of the iBamboo.

Is the iBamboo Speaker compatible with older iPhones?
No. As of now the iBamboo is compatible only with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Is the iBamboo Speaker compatible with iPod touch?

The iPod touch can be used with the iBamboo. However, it is not recommended. The sound quality is not as good as with the iPhone 4 and it does not sit firmly in place as does the iPhone 4/4S.

Can I use the iPhone 4 in case with the iBamboo Speaker?

No. You must remove the case to use the iBamboo. The slot is fitted for an iPhone 4/4S with no cases.

Do you plan to create iBamboo Speaker for iPhone 3G, iPod touch, and the iPad 2?

Will the iBamboo Speaker be available in different colors?
It is available in black color.


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